Foile Skincare Expands into the U.S. with Moda Operandi

Foile Skincare

Foile Skincare, a clean beauty brand from Australia, recently partnered with U.S. luxury e-commerce retailer Moda Operandi to expand into the United States.

Foile Skincare is a vegan skincare brand co-founded by Suzanne Tuttle and Alexandra Grima. The duo combined their backgrounds in nutrition and design to create the brand, driven by shifting the beauty industry toward a more inclusive and conscious future.

Each item in the Foile Skincare line is produced with a blend of essential actives and rich botanicals, all without harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and drying alcohols.

Key ingredients include Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin B5, which deliver deep hydration and nourishment, along with Snow Mushroom, Meadowfoam, and Gotu Kola, celebrated for their regenerative and soothing properties. The collection also features essential facial oils, such as the Australian-grown Jojoba Face Oil and Hemp Face Oil, crafted to rejuvenate and protect dehydrated and sensitive skin.

Renowned for its unwavering commitment to sustainability, Foile Skincare offers refillable products that champion eco-conscious living. The brand’s signature packaging, featuring elegantly curved glass bottles and minimalist design, seamlessly integrates into the refined tastes of sophisticated consumers.



This partnership with Moda Operandi will open doors for Foile Skincare to reach a discerning U.S. audience that embraces clean beauty products. Known for its curated collections of prêt-à-porter, home décor, and jewelry, Moda Operandi expanded into the beauty market in 2022 to mark a significant evolution in its offerings.

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