Experience the History of the Catwalk at “Vogue: Inventing the Runway” in London

Vogue: Inventing the Runway

London’s digital art center Lightroom, in partnership with fashion authority Vogue, will present the innovative exhibition “Vogue: Inventing the Runway.”

“Vogue: Inventing the Runway” is more than an exhibition; it is a spectacular new immersive exhibition that explores the history of fashion runway shows, from the intimate couture salons of the early 20th century to the unforgettable pop culture events of today. It is also an extraordinary fashion extravaganza with first-hand testimony and a rich mixture of media, Inventing the Runway reveals how fashion shows became the ultimate statement of a designer’s vision – at times, a walking expression of their identity – reimagined season after season and year after year.

Visitors will be able to feel the magic of the runway up close through the fusion of digital technology and fashion. They can experience the backstage of fashion shows realistically via giant screens and interactive installations. The exhibition is organized into thematic chapters, utilizing original animation, immersive sound design, and a unique score that blends classical and pop music. This setup will allow visitors to viscerally and insightfully relive the moments when iconic shows transformed the cultural landscape.

Anna Wintour, Chief Content Officer of Condé Nast, and Global Editorial Director of Vogue said, “At Vogue we’ve been lucky enough over the decades to see many incredible runway shows, which have often told the story of fashion as much as the clothes themselves. This Lightroom experience is a wonderful opportunity for a lot more people to experience first hand the thrill of watching the history of fashion unfold right in front of them.”

Additionally, this exhibition brings together the works of highly talented fashion designers who have made their mark on history. From major luxury brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Versace, Burberry, Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, and Prada, to celebrated British cult designer Martine Rose, and up-and-coming designer Simon Porte Jacquemus from the south of France, the lineup includes a wide range of influential figures in the fashion industry.

Chioma Nnadi, Head of Editorial Content for British Vogue commented, ” It’s fitting to host this Lightroom experience within skipping distance of Central Saint Martins, where so many of the UK’s fashion students begin their journeys to becoming designers we know and love. I hope that the exhibition can be an educational tool that brings to life the most iconic cultural moments through fashion’s lens, for the next generation of aspiring designers.”

Mark Guiducci, Creative Editorial Director of Vogue, added, “Runway shows have reflected society and its values for more than a century. We hope that Inventing the Runway gives audiences a better understanding of how those shows mirror the changes not only in fashion, but also culture at large—the arts, entertainment, technology, politics, and the ways that they’re all intertwined.”

“Vogue: Inventing the Runway” will run from October 25, 2024 through March 30, 2025. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to experience and be inspired by the history and future of fashion through this exhibition.

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