Balmain was robbed of more than 50 pieces of its new collection before Paris Fashion Week

Balmain is in the midst of a tragedy just before its show at the Paris Fashion Week.

On September 16, Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director of Balmain, reported on his Instagram that more than 50 pieces of Balmain’s unreleased collection had been robbed. According to Rousteing’s post, the theft occurred when the truck delivering the garments was suddenly hijacked by a group of people. Fortunately, the driver was safe.

The robbery allegedly occurred between the Paris airport and Balmain’s headquarters, according to French media outlet Libération.

“This morning I woke up with the smile, starting the fittings for my next show at 9 am and this is what happened… 50 Balmain pieces stolen. Our delivery was hijacked. The camion got stolen. Thank god, the driver is safe,” wrote Rousteing, “More than 50 Balmain pieces stolen. He was driving from the airport to the Balmain headquarter. This is so unfair. My team and I worked so hard. We will work more, days and nights, our suppliers will work days and nights as well but this is so disrespectful. I want to share this with you to remind you, don’t take anything for [granted] and please be safe. This is the world we are living in.” he continued.




OLIVIER R.(@olivier_rousteing)がシェアした投稿

This is so painful and shocking for Balmain, which was scheduled to present its Spring/Summer 2024 collection at Paris Fashion Week on September 27, just 10 days before its runway show near the Eiffel Tower.

With the loss of more than 50 pieces, the brand was also questioned about its decision on whether the show would be presented as planned, but according to Rousteing, his team will work “day and night” to recreate what was lost.

“Love you my Balmain team and we won’t give up,” he concluded his intention.

Since becoming Balmain’s Creative Director in 2011, Olivier Rousteing has propelled the brand to become one of the leading lights of contemporary high fashion. It has not been revealed how many pieces will be in this latest collection, but one wonders how Rousteing and the Balmain team will overcome this adversity and present a glorious runway show now that they are in a difficult position. The incident has drawn even more attention to the show, and a lot of people in the fashion industry have sent messages of comfort and enthusiastic encouragement.

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