Digital fashion goes to physical world : ZERO10 AND CROSBY STUDIOS’ NEW POP-UP STORE

Soho is the core of Metaverse fashion retail stores

Digital fashion is making its way into the real world. Over the past few years, the number of concept stores incorporating AR try-on and NFT has steadily increased in New York’s Soho area.

AR fashion platform Zero10 has incorporated with Crosby Studios to launch a first-of-its-kind pop-up in Soho, New York that bridges the physical and virtual retail experience through augmented reality.

ZERO10’s proprietary AR clothing technology will let visitors try on a five-piece virtual collection designed by Crosby Studios, providing a gateway to physical and virtual retail experiences powered by augmented reality.

Instead of relying on clothes racks and cash registers like traditional retail stores, visitors are able to create content, socialize, and explore content creation without being distracted by physical objects and inefficient processes.

In addition, visitors can enjoy interacting with each other at several photo booths and free bubble tea Eat Me Milk Me bar, located in the store where the entire space is designed to be Instagrammable.

Visitors share their AR fitting experience on their Instagram. Image: Zero 10 Instagram

Marrying digital with the physical world

This collection was designed by Harry Nuriev, founder of Crosby Studios after he was inspired by the idea of the ‘90s-video-game, merging virtual reality and elements of the digital realm with the physical world. Unique creations include a Checkered Suit, Light Shirt, Pixel Leopard Hoodie, Disappearing Pants, and Video Game Pants. The entire collection is also sprinkled with a variety of textures and colors, with Crosby Studio’s signature pixel prints, just like the interiors inside the pop-up.

Visitors will be able to try on three digital items from five digital collections for free and save images and videos to their digital wardrobe within the Zero10 app. The other two digital items are available for sale, as one is priced at 0.1 eths as an NFT and the other at $5.

From Left: checkered suit, light shirt, and disappearing pants. Image: Zero 10

Fitting rooms will be equipped with QR codes that give access to the AR try-on items, either in real-time or through a photo upload.

To try on digital wear, scan QR codes at fitting rooms that give access to the AR try-on items, by going to the Zero10 app page where the collection exists and uploading a photo from the camera roll in real-time.

Also, for visitors without an iPhone, it is very conscientious that a built-in iPhone is prepared. The items in this section are more interactively created, and you can also experiment with various special effects that can only be achieved with AR technology, such as disappearing prints and gradients.

Advance reservations are required for entry

The pop-up store opened today September 7th and will be open for a limited time until September 18th. The number of visitors is limited, and tickets can be obtained by signing up on the Zero10 website in advance.

The collection will only be available “in-store” for the duration of the pop-up. After the space closes, customers can purchase the pieces through Zero10’s app, starting September 18.

Enjoy a unique experience through digital fashion created with cutting-edge AR technology during the pop-up.

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