Fear of God and Adidas launch “Fear of God Athletics”

Designer Jerry Lorenzo’s streetwear brand “Fear of God,” which was launched in 2013, has a cult following and the craze continues unabated.

Lorenzo has partnered with giant sportswear brand Adidas to launch “Fear of God Athletics” to further expand the LA-based label. This latest collection will be the brand’s third collection, following its main collection and the very popular diffusion brand Essentials.

This week, four interactive pop-ups dubbed “The Athletics Atmosphere” launched in Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai, and Beijing to kick off the new performance-slash-technically-enhanced-leisurewear.

The first pop-up was kicked off on November 30, a four-day event at 751 South Mission Road in the Boyle Heights neighborhood near downtown LA.

In New York, Oui Speak Fashion attended a press preview on December 2, before the public opening, which will begin on December 3. Upon entering and proceeding through the dimly lit venue, four approximately 25-foot screens created an intimate digital space. Three Stonehenge-like pillars were erected to represent the main “Fear of God” collection, “Essentials,” and now “Fear of God Athletics.”

In the release, the three pillars are described as “the very nature and design of the highest being, where there is both unity and diversity in the trinity. The simplicity and complexity of ‘three in one’ reflects the heart and intention of the Fear of God house and our products. Fear of God, Essentials, and Athletics, three pillars in one.”

Created in collaboration with Adidas, the collection extends the spirit and foundation of Fear of God. The line features modern and simple garments that combine functionality and design and includes a full range of apparel items such as car coats, hoodies, crew neck sweatshirts, mock neck long-sleeve t-shirts, and sweatpants.

The brand has also added a line of bags including duffle bags, a new three-stripe design slide sandal, sneakers in a variety of silhouettes arranged from Rival and Forum 86, and basketball shoes. In addition, they plan to introduce even more styles and new colors in the future.


The “Fear of God Athletics” collection was released on December 3 at Fear of God‘s official website and Adidas CONFIRMED online platforms. It will also be available at select Adidas stores on December 6.

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