Gucci to Hold Cruise 2025 Show at London’s Tate Modern

Gucci, led by Creative Director Sabato De Sarno, will hold its 2025 Cruise Show at the Tate Modern in London on May 13, 2024. This will be De Sarno’s first cruise show.

The Tate Modern, located on London’s South Bank by the River Thames, is a national museum of modern and contemporary art alongside the British Museum and the National Gallery. To mark the launch of the cruise show, Gucci announced a three-year partnership with Tate Modern to support the “Electric Dreams” exhibition to be held at Tate Modern in the fall and promote young creators’ activities.

In a statement, Gucci said, “With a shared commitment to inclusion and empowerment, Gucci and Tate aim to encourage positive community exchange and inspire creativity among diverse audiences.”

Gucci has deep ties to London, tracing its roots to its founder, Guccio Gucci, who worked as a porter and lift attendant at the Savoy Hotel in 1897. While working and observing the luggage of the hotel’s guests, Guccio was inspired by the international elite’s styles and tastes to launch his luxury suitcases and bags. Then, He founded his eponymous brand in Florence in 1921 and opened the first Gucci store on Via della Vigna Nuova in Italy.

Gucci described Tate Modern as “a centre of creativity and dialogue, where diverse perspectives converge to spark meaningful conversations and foster cultural exchange.” The brand also emphasized that the interplay of art and architecture within Tate Modern creates an environment that stimulates innovation and challenges traditional boundaries, reflecting the dynamic nature of the city.

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