Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2024 Collection|A Celebration of Femininity Through Sheer Materials

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On February 27, Saint Laurent presented its Fall/Winter 2024 collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Saint Laurent’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection is characterized by perfectly fitted feminine silhouettes and the clever use of sheer fabrics to accentuate a sense of transparency.

As a model adorned in a rich beige sheer dress, accessorized with a black and gold buckle belt and a luxurious fur shrug, stepped onto the runway, the venue, cloaked in deep green curtains, was enveloped in an enchanting atmosphere reminiscent of wandering into a dim forest.

The delicacy of the sheer material was also expressed in wrap dresses made in subdued tones of burgundy, midnight blue, and forest green, embodying a mysterious eroticism that seems to emerge from the misty depths of the forest.

Anthony Vaccarello sought to “show” our bodies in this collection, in contrast to the conventional notion that clothing is meant to cover the body.

The use of soft sheer fabrics, such as below-the-knee pencil skirts, soft bow-tie blouses, and feminine drapes, blurred the boundary between garment and skin, exuding a sophisticated elegance.

“Close-fitting silk dresses – resembling sheer undergarments – simultaneously reveal and shroud the woman wearing
 them, like hyper-graphic X-rays. Transparency – a Saint Laurent signature –  is re-read, minimizing the distance between garment and skin so the two effectively meld and fabric evaporates like mist,” said the show notes.

Such seductive transparency is a signature of Saint Laurent, and the fluidity and boldness of the designs have become emblematic of the Maison. For the Fall/Winter 2024 collection, Saint Laurent celebrated female beauty as an art form, with a soft, thin veil that hid the silhouette and accentuated the feminine form.

In addition, masculine elements, such as structured oversized jackets and rounded, thick leather jackets, were also incorporated to provide contrast.

Check out all the looks from the Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2024 collection below.

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