The Jewelers Circle Launches D2C Platform for Vintage Jewelry to Respond to Growing Demand

NYC Jewelry Week 2023 was held in New York City for seven days from November 13 to 19. Jewelry Week is an annual event held in New York City in November, featuring a week of events and workshops by many jewelry brands and industry professionals.

The Jewelers Circle, a jewelry platform, hosted a private event during the week in the Rockefeller Center. The company released its new direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform that offers a wide selection of vintage and rare jewelry in September 2023. The event held this time was in honor of the celebration of this release.

The only D2C platform where you can find rare jewelry

The Jewelers Circle carries a wide selection of rare jewelry from around the world, as well as unparalleled vintage jewelry that has been inherited over the years.

Upon entering the venue, one could almost feel as if one had wandered onto Treasure Island with its beautiful displays of glittering jewelry. Covering a wide range of popular historical eras such as Art Deco, Victorian, and retro styles, the collection also includes a wide selection of precious items from top brands such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Tiffany & Co.

Each piece of jewelry is now available for purchase by anyone on the D2C platform operated by The Jewelers Circle.

The Jewelers Circle service originally started as a sourcing platform for only trade professionals. However, the pandemic made it difficult for the company to hold exhibitions, and they felt the need to adapt to the changing business environment. At the same time, they noticed many inquiries from individual clients about jewelry they had seen on the company’s social media channels.

The Jewelers Circle’s D2C online platform. Courtesy of The Jewelers Circle

“The consumer demand for vintage jewelry has significantly increased in recent years. While there are existing marketplaces, none offer the caliber of top vintage jewelers and expertise that we bring exclusively for jewelry enthusiasts,” said Julie Thompson-Leriche, Chief Operating Officer of The Jewelers Circle in the statement. “Our main objective is to connect the community of the most prestigious vintage dealers with consumers who have been wanting this access to rarities,” he continued.

The company, along with its team of experts, will also focus on personalized shopping experiences to cater to the unique tastes and preferences of individuals. If a customer is unable to find the desired product on The Jewelers Circle platform, the company will take every measure to procure it through a concierge service that will contact dealers in the community.

Implementation of the certification process by IAJA

When purchasing a luxury or vintage item from a second-hand market, a customer’s biggest concern would be the authenticity of the item.

The authentication of the jewelry handled by The Jewelers Circle is performed by the experts of the IAJA. The IAJA’s experts are a group of trusted professionals comprised of former curators, archivists, and directors specializing in jewelry, valuables, and collectibles from some of the world’s most prestigious jewelry brands. All items sold on the platform will come with IAJA Expertise documentation which describes as precisely as possible the defining characteristics of the item such as the period, maker/origin, use, metal, and stones based on their knowledge, experience, and information.

“Our platform not only offers a seamless user experience, enabling users to easily find and educate themselves about these exquisite pieces but also instills confidence in their purchase, especially with our partnership with IAJA Expertise,” added Leriche.

Growing demand for high jewelry

According to the latest study on the global luxury market conducted by Bain & Company, the luxury industry has focused on the luxury jewelry sector, worth approximately 28 billion euros, in the last few years. The study also highlighted that this sector will grow by 37% between 2019 and 2022.

In response to the growing importance of such high jewelry to customers, major luxury brands have begun to pay more attention to the high jewelry and fine jewelry sector in recent years than ever.

LVMH acquired jewelry manufacturer Pedemonte Group at the end of 2022. The Pedemonte Group is an entity created in 2020 from the merger of several independent jewelry production workshops in Valenza, Valmadonna, and Piedmont in Italy that combine craftsmanship and technology.

A few months earlier, Christian Dior acquired Oteline and FG Manufacture, a subcontractor of jewelry for major brands with excellent skills in fine jewelry. Also on the 6th of last month, Boucheron acquired four Parisian workshops and manufacturers, namely Blo, Blondeau, Belter, Chanson, and FG Développement.

The Jewelers Circle works with the best jewelers around the world to source the most desirable and highest-quality jewelry. With people’s growing interest in high jewelry, the company’s offerings of vintage and rare jewelry are likely to attract even more attention in the future.