Celine to Launch New Body and Bath Range This Fall


Celine, under the direction of Hedi Slimane, is set to launch a new body and bath range this fall.

Last year, Celine introduced the Haute Parfumerie collection, featuring solid soap, bath milk, and the Cologne Céleste perfumed body oil. This collection will now be expanded with four new products: liquid soap, body milk, hand cream, and hair mist.

Céline Beauté began in 2019, debuting with a fragrance line developed in collaboration with Creative Director Hedi Slimane, which quickly gained popularity. The four new body and bath products will also be supervised by Slimane.

These formulas, custom-made by Hedi Slimane from carefully selected raw materials, blend high-performance and natural ingredients while staying true to the collection’s signature scents. The campaign, photographed by Slimane, highlights how the bottles reflect the existing codes of the Haute Parfumerie collection, from the square silhouette of the Eau de Parfum to the beveled angles of the body milk and liquid soap.

Celine also announced in March that it will begin developing and selling makeup products. A lipstick named “Rouge Triomphe” will be released in mid-October, marking the brand’s full-scale entry into the makeup industry. In addition, a set of 15 lipsticks called “Le Rouge Celine” will be available by the end of the year.

The brand will also strengthen its line by launching new makeup collections every season, which will include lip balm, mascara, eye pencils, loose powder, and blush.

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