Mushroom leather changes the future of the leather market

The number of companies that are strengthening their sustainable efforts in order to protect the global environment is increasing year by year, and plant-derived “vegan leather” is more known as an environmentally friendly fabric material.
Vegan leather has less impact on the environment than natural leather and synthetic leather, so that is also considered an alternative material to leather for its animal welfare. Among them, It’s “mushroom leather” made from “mushroom” that is currently being adopted by many high-end brands.

Fashion brands entered Web3 and released phygital shows at NYFW: Remaining Web3 Challenges

New York fashion week was held from September 9th to September 14th and more than 110 brands released their new collection.
This season was literally said to be “Back to Normal” for the first time in about three years, not only fashion shows but also NYFW events and after-parties held by brands everywhere every day. It was a season that completely restored the vibrancy of fashion week.

Digital fashion goes to physical world : ZERO10 AND CROSBY STUDIOS’ NEW POP-UP STORE

Digital fashion is making its way into the real world. Over the past few years, the number of concept stores incorporating AR try-on and NFT has steadily increased in New York’s Soho area.

AR fashion platform Zero10 has incorporated with Crosby Studios to launch a first-of-its-kind pop-up in Soho, New York that bridges the physical and virtual retail experience through augmented reality.

A new invitation to New York Fashion Week! Afterpay drops Designer NFT “Keys to NYFW”

New York Fashion Week, which runs from September 9th to September 14th, has a new guest list.

These are the NFT owners who purchased “Keys to NYFW”.

On August 23, Afterpay, the official partner of New York Fashion Week, dropped the NFT collection “Keys to NYFW.” It’s partnered with five fashion designers and

provide access to shows and other experiences, gifts, and perks to those who purchase the $100 NFT key released by each designer.