Farfetch CEO José Neves Steps Down

On February 15, José Neves, founder and CEO of luxury e-commerce platform Farfetch, reportedly stepped down from his position.

This information has not been officially stated by Farfetch at this stage, but is reported by several media outlets as coming from an “internal memo.”

Neves is not leaving the business entirely, however, and will likely continue to serve in a consulting role for the company. Neves’ successor has not yet been named, and it is also reported that the business will be run for the time being by Coupang founder Bom Kim and the rest of the Farfetch executive team.

Along with Neves’ departure, Elizabeth Von Der Goltz, Chief Fashion and Merchandising Officer of Browns, a UK-based luxury fashion store owned by Farfetch, and Kelly Kowal, head of Farfetch Platform Solutions, are also leaving the company.

The company, which had been on the brink of bankruptcy, was just saved from collapse last December when it was acquired by the giant South Korean e-commerce site Coupang for $500 million.  However, Farfetch’s investors have been pushing back against Coupang’s acquisition of the company, and the deal has been stymied.

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