IKEA to Hold Exhibition “IKEA+” during PFW Team Up with Photographer Annie Leibovitz

Swedish furniture giant IKEA will hold the exhibition “IKEA+” during Paris Fashion Week in collaboration with American photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The exhibition “IKEA+” will feature a series of portraits taken of 25 homes in seven countries in collaboration with IKEA’s “Artist in Residence” and Leibovitz.

The four-day event will take place from February 29 to March 3 at 28 Rue de Lappe, in Paris.

The background of this event relates to the results of a survey conducted by IKEA among more than 37,000 people in 38 countries. According to the “IKEA Life at Home Report,” nearly half of people feel that their life at home isn’t regularly shown in the media.

In response to these results, IKEA decided that “everyone deserves to be seen,” and appointed Annie Leibovitz to create the portrait series “This Life at Home.” The focus is on capturing their stories and their connection to home, representing authentic everyday life in different homes in different cultures and places, as seen through the lens of renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.

“Yusuke Onimaru, Japan” by Annie Leibovitz

In addition to “This Life at Home,” the exhibition “IKEA+” will feature the work of six up-and-coming photographers trained by Leibovitz through IKEA’s mentorship program.  In keeping with the theme of promoting aspiring creators, six amazing young designers from alternative fashion school, Casa93, will also exhibit their work at the venue.

The four-day IKEA+ will be a celebration of world-renowned artists and local pioneers in the fields of music, art, and design, making it a must-see event during Paris Fashion Week.

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