Hermès Opens New Store at Marassi Galleria in Bahrain

On April 30, Hermès opened a new store in the Marassi Galleria, a new shopping mall in Bahrain.

Designed by Paris-based architecture firm RDAI, the store’s design draws inspiration, both in form and materials, from rocks that have been carved by wind and rain over thousands of years. Set against a vast desert landscape between sky and sea, the brand’s iconic design is seamlessly integrated into the character of the new waterfront shopping destination.

The facade, reminiscent of a stone massif, is characterized by textured surfaces and sculptural curves. Upon entering the entrance, visitors are greeted by a spacious interior decorated with sandy hues and tactile finishes.

A generously proportioned room awaits visitors through a single entrance, adorned with an exquisite collection of women’s silk garments. On one side, a display of fashion jewelry and men’s silk adds to the allure, while on the other side, an enticing realm of perfumes and beauty products beckons.

Further, the world of men’s and women’s leather goods is expanding. A selection of artwork featuring horse silhouettes and naturalist illustrations graces the store. From the Émile Hermès collection, majestic Arabian horses are brought to life in a series of sketches and paintings by Horace Vernet. For the store opening, artist Faissal El-Malak’s work “When the Guardes Crosses the Street at Night” decorated the window.

Hermès’ newest store is the sixth in the Middle East, solidifying the luxury house’s presence in the region.

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