Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring Summer 2024 | Beginning of the Pharrell Williams Era

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Louis Vuitton’s “Pharrell Williams” era has begun.

On June 20, Louis Vuitton presented its Spring/Summer 2024 men’s collection, the first since the arrival of Pharrell Williams as Creative Director of the men’s collection. The show, held on the iconic Pont Neuf bridge in Paris, was the largest ever for the brand’s men’s collection and boasted the largest number of guests ever invited to the event.

Ever since Williams’ appointment as Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Creative Director, fashion lovers around the world have been eagerly awaiting this moment. On the other hand, it is also true that there were negative opinions in the fashion industry immediately after Williams’ appointment. Some questioned the offer to Williams on the grounds that he had no professional experience in fashion, creating a division in opinion within the industry. This was especially true since his predecessor, the late Abloh, had completely transformed Louis Vuitton and left a lasting legacy that would be difficult to surpass even for the industry’s most accomplished creators.

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From the opening few looks, it was clear that Williams was not trying to renew the Louis Vuitton brand created by the late Virgil Abloh’s successor, but to purely “reinterpret” the brand. The audience was delighted and upbeat as the models took to the runway wearing eclectic yet detailed looks that expressed both the “past” and the “present.”

New to Pharrell’s Spring/Summer 2024 men’s collection was Damoflage, a fusion of the brand’s signature Damier pattern and camouflage patterns. Other bold Damier motifs were also incorporated into the collection in various forms, from the pixelated Damier checks to colorful Damier-style denim and tailoring.

While many brands are currently leaning toward the “quiet luxury” trend, some of the looks seemed to buck the trend, with logos that read “The Louis Vuitton Lovers Present” and large graphics in bold colors on the front.

There were also sporty jersey set-ups, white Damier patterned jackets with numerous pearls sewn onto them, and beautifully tailored jackets layered with glittering necklaces and brooches as accents. The essence of elegance was comfortably blended with street style. The school style with slouchy socks and loafers on the feet was also a distinctive feature.

Williams, who originally comes from a background as a music producer and artist, showed in this showcase a brilliant ensemble that truly expressed gratitude and unity. The graceful live orchestra in the first half and the lively live gospel choir in the second half made the new collection, which was given new life, very emotional and powerful.

It is clear that Williams has set a new direction for the brand, but he will remain true to the spirit of Louis Vuitton and will continue to build a new era while remaining sincere.

Photo via Instagram/@pharrell

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