Peter Do’s Paris Fashion Week Debut | Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Fascinates with “Clothes”

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On September 26, Peter Do presented his Spring/Summer 2024 collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Since making his New York Fashion Week debut with its Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Do has always participated a New York. However, Peter Deux announced his brand’s first participation in Paris Fashion Week for this season’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Furthermore, he has been in the international limelight as a high-profile designer with a new assignment to rebuild the brand as Helmut Lang’s new Creative Director at New York Fashion Week.

In the release, “This season, we want our work to speak for itself. Love, The Peter Do Team,” wrote Peter Do for the Spring/Summer 2024 season. True to his words, this collection takes the core of elegance and flawless tailoring that has become the essence of his work and further reshapes and evolves it into something new.

There are several things of note in the collection. One is the two-color blocks that were incorporated in irregular contrasts in most of the pieces. For example, a crisp white shirt switched to red halfway through, and gray pants with a vertical slit in the front revealed transparent red pants as the model walked. The black tailored jacket in the last look had the color switched to white from the middle part, and the styling of the jacket in a high-waisted skirt made it look like a kimono obi from a distance.

Overall, the color palette of the collection was modest: white, black, camel, red, and silver, but the exquisite balance created by the two colors (the ratio of color blocks varied from each piece, and there were no fixed rules) enhanced the “clothes” themselves and made them more sophisticated.

Also, if you stare at the looks, you will notice the attention to detail that is scattered throughout the simplicity. For example, the waistband of a pair of beautifully tailored low-rise pants is intentionally frayed; the waistband of a long, airy skirt has a contrasting knit; a sheer silk blouse is trimmed in leather. Although seemingly endlessly minimalist, these do’s playful touches broaden the range of “Quiet Luxury” and make it interesting.

Let’s not forget that Peter Do’s recently announced collaborative line with Banana Republic was also featured on this runway. Detachable turtlenecks, trench skirts, and tuxedo pants were all wearable, everyday items that were seamlessly integrated into the main line.

With his Paris debut, Peter Do is sure to gain even more new fans in Europe. Do’s “clothes,” with their solid, three-dimensional cuts and beautifully perfect tailoring, always give the wearer inner confidence.

View all looks from Peter Do’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection in the gallery below.


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