Tissa Fontaneda’s Classic Luxury “Bubble” Leather Collection

The Paris Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2024 was held in February this year, various brands simultaneously held press presentations and events for the press while famous Maisons held large-scale shows every day.

During the Week, the Spanish leather bag brand Tissa Fontaneda caught the attention of the OSF editorial team.

Tissa Fontaneda is a bag brand that has been combining the highest quality leather with the latest technology and uncompromising design since its establishment in 2010. Inside the homey store standing in the arcade of Galerie Vivienne, the new collection was displayed in bright colors such as pink, red, green, and orange.

All of Tissa’s items are made of the finest Nappa leather from Spain, and each piece is crafted with the utmost care and craftsmanship by skilled artisans. In addition to bags, the brand also produces leather accessories such as necklaces, belts, and cufflinks, all of which are of the highest quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Founder and designer Tissa Fontaneda was born in Munich, Germany in 1965. She has spent most of her life abroad, and her career history is quite varied.

After graduating from the University of Turin, Italy, Fontaneda moved to Paris to pursue a career in the fashion industry. In Paris, she gained experience at Daniel Swarovski as a design assistant for Rosemarie Le Gallais and Hervé Leger. Five years later, she moved to Madrid to work for Loewe, where she developed the Thierry Mugler handbag collections. When the LVMH group acquired Loewe, she became the Head of Production for Loewe accessories under Narciso Rodriguez. She later worked for brands such as Cartier, Dunhill, Connolly, and Louis Vuitton.

Over the years, Fontaneda has built up a wealth of experience in the industry. In 2010, she launched his eponymous label out of a strong desire to “combine her creative vision with her expertise in the world of luxury accessories.”

The three-dimensional, rounded “bubble” pattern is Tissa Fontaneda’s signature. This distinctive “bubble” pattern combines a unique form that is both classic and timeless.

Fontaneda said about the production, “This design is made by a precise technique of steaming and shrinking, which can only be done with a very complex craftsmanship that can take up to 10 hours.”

Courtesy of Tissa Fontaneda

In addition, all production of handbags and accessories takes place in Madrid and Ubrique. Ubrique is a small town in southern Spain known for its thriving leather industry, so much so that it has been nicknamed the “Silicon Valley of craftsmanship.”

Upon touching Tissa Fontaneda’s leather products, we were amazed at how incredibly fine-grained, smooth, and moist to the touch they are. The brand’s products are made from the world’s finest “Entrefino” lambskin, and the lambs are said to be raised for nourishment rather than for their skins, and in consideration of specific animal welfare protocols and rights.

Skilled craftsmanship is also essential in the processing techniques. The highest quality leathers are tanned in northern Spain by a family that holds a high position in the leather fashion industry in Europe, Asia, and America. For over 80 years, the family has maintained the highest quality in its products by combining craftsmanship and authenticity with innovative and modern processes, and by strictly selecting leathers of origin.

Additionally, Fontaneda continues to take a long and dedicated approach to environmental issues. The brand adheres to the principles of the slow fashion movement in many ways, including avoiding the use of disposable plastics.

Also, the new collection is presented only twice a year. Some new models and colors are introduced alongside the previous season’s collection and bags, and accessories that were not sold in one season are made available again in the following season.

With these dedicated efforts, the brand has “challenged the culture of over-consumption in the fashion industry and encouraged designers, retailers, and consumers to take a more ethical approach to fashion.”

Today, Tissa Fontaneda has become one of the most distinctive and alluring luxury handbag brands, and its inspirational designs are widely recognized in the most exclusive boutiques around the world. Fontaneda’s commitment and philosophy are concentrated on the smooth, comfortable, and exquisite leather items that are timeless and attract the world’s most discerning customers, fashionistas, and luxury connoisseurs.

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