ZARA’s New Campaign Draws Fire for Reminiscence of Gaza Victims

Spanish fast fashion brand ZARA’s latest campaign images released last week have been strongly bashed by consumers for being reminiscent of the victims of the ongoing Gaza conflict.

Under fire is a photo of “The Jacket,” the fourth campaign titled “Atelier Collection,” which was released by the brand on December 7. It was shot by photographer Tim Walker and shows American model Kristen McMenamy posing in a workspace filled with empty boxes and destroyed walls.

Photo: Tim Walker/Courtesy of Zara

She was also surrounded by a clutter of dust, drywall, broken stones, rubble, and statues, including some sculptures with missing limbs and others wrapped in white cloth. Other photos showed McMenamy holding a mannequin wrapped in a white shroud, reminiscent of the image of a devastated mother holding her dead child wrapped in a white cloth body bag that was recently reported internationally by local journalists.

On social media, many users criticized the images, calling them “insensitive” and “intentional. Calls to boycott the brand’s products spread, and the hashtag “#BoycottZara” began trending on X (formerly Twitter).

Zara has now taken down the relevant ad photo and issued an apology on the brand’s official Instagram. The brand explained that this campaign was conceived in July and shot in September and was not intentional.

On the Instagram Post, the brand states, “Zara regrets that misunderstanding and we reaffirm our deep respect towards everyone.”


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