Highlight of Taipei Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024

Taipei Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024 was held for five days from April 25 to 29, 2024. It kicked off with a spectacular opening show, showcasing a diverse array of events throughout the period. Highlights included individual runway presentations by leading brands and trade shows catering to buyers seeking the latest trends and designs.

This article highlights the latest collections of designers selected by the OSF from the brands participating in Taipei Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024.

【4 selected brands from the opening show】

The theme of the opening show of this season’s Taipei Fashion Week was “Cultural Olympiad” in honor of the “Paris 2024 Olympic Games” to be held this summer in the French capital, Paris. Based on this theme, the brands combined the five elements of fashion, culture, industry, sports, and international, and fully reflected Taiwan’s unique aesthetic in their collections.

Jamie Wei Huang

Jamie Wei Huang, a Taiwanese-born, London-based contemporary womenswear designer, presented a collection inspired by the Chinese Taipei surfing team.

Tops and bodysuits with cutouts at the chest allow for a tasteful reveal, while the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee emblem colors—red, blue, and white—accentuate the freshness of the look. When paired with bright gray or stylish khaki bottoms, jackets, and trench coats, the sporty aesthetic is instantly elevated to an urban style.

Courtesy of Jamie Wei Huang

Jamie Wei Huang is a designer who combines innovative tailoring and meticulous design, emphasizing material selection and craftsmanship, while masterfully expressing a modern, avant-garde sensibility.

In this collection, the brand incorporates plain weave fabrics supported by Everest Textile. Co., Ltd, which provides the ecological functional fabric. Everest Textile. Co., Ltd is a company that produces eco-friendly fabrics from recycled plastic bottles and provides environmentally friendly materials from recycled factory waste.

Recently, Huang has been actively researching sports and functional wear, visiting Taiwan’s leading wetsuit manufacturer, SHEICE Group, and venturing into professional fields beyond fashion, such as water sports.

Never one to be swayed by trends, Jamie Wei Huang seamlessly blended art and fashion with innovative tailoring and meticulous craftsmanship, demonstrating her cross-disciplinary design expertise in this collection.


PCES presented a unique collection using sustainable and functional materials, fusing the history, cultural development, environment, and equipment of the four sports surfing, climbing, breaking, and skateboarding.

The collection incorporated the spirit of the 2024 Paris Olympics: people-focus, elegance, positivity, audacity, and boldness, and the lineup was a collection of diverse looks ranging from sporty to hip-hop, street, and romantic styles.

For example, in the surf-themed pieces, the shimmering waves are expressed in the fluid fabric cuts of the pants and the gathers and folds on the bright blue dresses. The streetwear pieces also fuse breakdance and hip-hop culture with over-the-top, edgy styling. Sport climbing attire was based on earth colors and combined design elements of climbing equipment, such as safety harnesses incorporated into dresses and boulder-inspired pants.

In addition, each genre of look was matched with unique headgear, such as knit hats with two pawls, shimmering head jewelry, and caps with see-through fabric hanging down.

Courtesy of PCES

The PCES collection also uses SECAO® cocoa yarn, which is made from recycled agricultural waste from local cacao farms in Taiwan, and introduces nature-friendly creations produced using the latest technology.


While many brands showcased collections incorporating emblem colors such as red, blue, and white, C JEAN presented a collection with a completely different approach. This season, C JEAN’s inspirations include the Olympic Games, ancient gladiators, and classical mythology. Designer ChunYuan Jean fused these inspirations into a collection that reflects the brand’s core design philosophy of “pursuit of excellence, eternal creation.

The collection features eye-catching workwear that combines ease of movement and casual wear, but what is noteworthy is the materials used.

C JEAN values environmental friendliness and uses fasteners and buttons made from PET developed by FormosaTaffeta. The brand also incorporated recycled materials from marine waste to achieve a single-material, fully recyclable design and production, embodying the Olympic spirit as part of sustainable fashion.

The vividly colored look may also appear at first glance to be an abstract print, but closer inspection reveals that it is a cartographic pattern that includes iconic Parisian landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Palais. This is a unique expression of the brand’s collaboration with NASA to incorporate NASA satellite imagery into the textile design as if traversing a classic intersection between the ancient and modern city.

Courtesy of C JEAN

In every season, C JEAN has combined traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics in a unique style, demonstrating a subtle insight into the environment, art, and culture, while exploring the endless possibilities of creation.

The unique and individualistic style of the brand, which includes tennis players and boxers, is a tribute to the athletes who compete for victory at the Olympic Games.


JUST IN XX presented a collection based on the emblem colors of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, divided into the themes of  “mountains,” “seas,” “cities,” and “plains” and sublimated the elements into silhouettes and prints.

Justin Chou, the designer of JUST IN XX, has been called a “crossover prodigy” for his collections that combine high fashion with craftsmanship, culture, and sustainability, he fully demonstrated his originality in this collection.

Each time a model appears on the runway, the elements of “mountains,” “seas,” “cities” and “plains” dropped into the clothing capture the imagination. For example, an off-shoulder top in a beautiful blue gradient with fine shirring seemed to represent the wave patterns visible in a calm sea. In the next look, a camisole and pants were fitted with wire-twisting embellishments, evoking strong lapping waves.

The city map-inspired patterns incorporated into the top, dress, and jumper were also inspired by contemporary artist Paul Chiang’s work “Mountain Range of Taiwan.” The brand invited typography designer Lin Guo-Qing to create a “Chinese Taipei” reversed text turning into a slogan of “GO” presented through digital direct spray technology.

The collection also features fashion accessories using the banana silk technique by national treasure Yan Yu-Ying, and sustainable and eco-friendly three-dimensional jacquard fabrics made in collaboration with the New Wide Group.

The finale was a three-dimensional dress incorporating the emblem colors of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, with the outline of the Taiwan administrative district attached to the crinoline.

While incorporating sustainability into fashion trends in many ways, JUST IN XX infused artistic creations into its extended collection of uniforms for the 2024 AW Paris Olympics.

Courtesy of JUST IN XX

【5 selected brands from individual runway shows】

Liyu Tsai

The Fall/Winter 2024 collection by Liyu Tsai celebrates the elegance and serenity of ballet through the enchanting movement of “Ronde des Jambes.” By skillfully incorporating contemporary artistry and refined design contours, the collection successfully reimagines the essence of modern romance and the inherent strength of women that lies at the heart of the brand.

Liyu Tsai’s delicate aesthetic was further enhanced by the use of decorative tulle details. Layers of mille-feuille-like tulle material decorated the shoulders and sleeves of dresses, adding a more feminine touch to the clothes. Lame was also woven into jackets, knits, and vests, adding glamour to an everyday wardrobe.

The collection also featured both aspects of style: a gentle look infused with the purity of white, silver, and pink with abstract glamour, or a gorgeous, seductive style of black, navy, and purple.

In the second half of the show, a shiny silver evening gown with black tulle on the shoulders, evoked a woman’s passion and inner strength, as if she had stepped out of the movie “Black Swan”. Gorgeous beige and ivory dresses and elegant tweed gowns also livened up the finale.

Courtesy of Liyu Tsai

Incorporating the aesthetics of the Romantic period, the pursuit of an ideal inner world, and dreamlike escapism, Liyu Tsai evoked the serene atmosphere of the “Ballet blanc” and combined it with contemporary art lines to create a worldview of sheer beauty.


#DAMUR presented #IAMVERSATILE as its theme for Fall/Winter 2024, a unique collection that celebrated individuality and self-expression by daring to break the mold.

#DAMUR reimagines traditional 1960s styles with provocative cut-outs and drawstring details to create experimental forms that defy convention and encourage the wearer to embrace his or her individuality.

At the beginning of the show, fine corduroy was used for comfortable-looking set-ups and chic coats that pulled the whole look together in a mode. The star of the collection was artistic checked jacquards, with bright scarlet and muted black and white checks appearing on tops, coats, pants, and scarves.

Born from the fusion of Taipei’s dynamic streets and Berlin’s cityscape, #DAMUR is driven by a passion for streetwear and bold self-expression. The daring color palette of beige and navy seen in this collection reflects the diversity of today’s world while staying true to the brand’s streetwear roots. In addition, the asymmetrical silhouettes and curved cutting seem to show how fashion can be worn freely.

Brand designer Damur Huang has redefined the high-end streetwear brand #DAMUR by daring to blur the lines between luxury culture and street style.

Courtesy of #DAMUR

Claudia Wang

Claudia Wang has been called “an innovation of the young fashion world” for her technological, real, and digital approach, and its Fall/Winter 2024 collection was a cheerfully energetic blend of rich colors, rebellion, and vitality.

Each season, pop colors and playful patterns have become the brand’s signature, and this season, the traditional floral and check patterns have been transformed into a futuristic mood. Flared skirts combining several different patterns and vivid one-color oversized coats were on display. Models wore either sharp sunglasses or artistic eye makeup that looked like yellow petals, creating a sense of unity that was a cross between nature and outer space.

The men’s items also featured extremely wide pants and skirt-like layered pants, expressing a freestyle that broke down gender barriers.

Courtesy of Claudia Wang

Claudia Wang, who is dedicated to the trend of metaverse virtual technology, is also known as a pioneer of online virtual fashion shows in the Taiwanese fashion world. During the production process of the collection, 3D virtual technology was applied to improve the actual garment production process. This includes the use of eco-friendly materials to address the issue of sustainability while preserving the artistic style of the prints and saving on the production of printed fabrics.

Claudia Wang continues to lead the way in new, future-oriented fashion this season, further solidifying the brand’s DNA.


DOUCHANGLEE presented its Fall/Winter 2024 collection in a minimalist, urban mood.

The collection, composed of subdued shades of white, black, gray, and beige, exudes a serene elegance by stripping away the superfluous and pursuing the essence of the clothes.

For example, a soft chiffon shirt with a large ribbon tied around the neck created a contrast to the oversized, menswear-like suit. A white high-neck top was paired with a bold pleated skirt in two layers of black and white, and as the skirt swayed as the model walked, its beauty was mesmerizing. Furthermore, a fine wool cape seamlessly blended with the formal attire, embodying a dignified elegance.


There is also a wide variety of bags, ranging from mini-sized shoulder-type bags to large-sized tote bags that can be filled with many items. Basic colors that blend well with clothes blend in beautifully with any style.

The DOUCHANGLEE collection, which is thoroughly classic and pursues quiet luxury, plays with different textures and silhouettes to offer a more sophisticated style.


This season UUIN presented the “Alishan collection” inspired by the natural beauty of Taiwan.

The story of this collection begins its journey at the foot of Alishan: Boarding the nearly century-old small train at Chiayi Station, entering the mountains, swaying along the mountain railway, and experiencing the marvelous botanical changes along the mountain slopes. Through these stories, co-designers Tzutsao Liu, Andrea Liu, and Van Lin fuse nature-inspired hues and traditional sketches to reflect the mystique of Taiwan’s mountains in their garments.

The first look on the runway was a top painted with a Taiwanese cypress and a gown worn over it. The denim material and colors such as dark brown, black, and navy exuded strength as if they represented the rocks and mud at the foot of the mountains. Addition of the shiny dark brown shirt and pants had an intricate cypress pattern.

On the other hand, there is also a lineup of looks that express the beauty of nature in a light mood. Velvet tops with flower bud-like patterns were see-through and softened by silk plaid layers and pants. The sacred white silk dresses evoked the murmuring of a river, while the beautiful gradient setups and dresses were reminiscent of the changing colors of the mountains in each of the four seasons.

Courtesy of UUIN

The finale of the show, Edward Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance Marches” played as the models closed the collection with a grand celebration of nature. UUIN unveiled Taiwan’s enchanting mountain scenery to the global audience with a distinctive language of fashion design.

【2024 Taipei Fashion Week FW24】
Dates: April 25 (Wed) – April 29 (Mon), 2024
Official Venue: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Organizer: Ministry of Culture
Produced by: Condé Nast Group CNX Taiwan
Official Website: https://tpefw.com/
Facebook: @tpefashionweek
Instagram: @tpe.fashionweek
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@taipeifashionweek4596

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