Louis Vuitton Cruise 2024 Collection | Effortless Expression of Mermaid Core with an Aquatic Theme

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On May 24, Louis Vuitton held a runway show for its Cruise 2024 collection. The show took place on Isola Bella, a small private island floating on Lake Maggiore in Italy and owned by the Borromeo family since the 16th century.

Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière told that he got the collection’s inspiration from a mythical underwater fantasy. The show notes included concepts such as, “give rise to contemporary tales, populated by drifting creatures that abandon aquatic dwellings for the discovery of terrestrial wonders.” Ghesquière also explained to the press, “We started with the idea that the girls were coming from the water, like mermaids of the lake, and they’re transforming to something else.”

Developed from the fairy tales and vivid imaginations of mermaids, the collection took design cues from scuba gear, with fin-like collars and details reminiscent of water droplets found in each look. With pleated fins protruding from their armpits and necks, and models wearing goggles for deep-sea diving, the collection was reminiscent of sea creatures emerging from Lake Maggiore.

Elaborate headpieces with feathers and king triton crowns, as in the world of mermaids, and tops adorned with jewels that would have been found under the sea, also made an appearance in the look. Also, the diving jackets with elaborate prints inspired by the great waves off the coast of Kanagawa, telling the story of the creatures that inhabit the great ocean also made an impression.

The collection was an effortless expression of high fashion’s mermaid core, blending various textures such as mixed tanks, robes, naval jackets, and mermaid scale-like sequined skirts.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2024 Show

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