Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2024 Men’s Collection by Pharrell Williams Now Available

Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, the first collection since Pharrell Williams took over as Men’s Creative Director, began hitting store shelves around the world this week. This collection’s fashion show, unveiled at the Pont Neuf Bridge during Paris Fashion Week last June, brought countless celebrities to the front of the line, and the runway show concluded with a concert by Jay-Z.

The collection features silhouettes that highlight the Maison’s emblem in the sun. For his first collection for Louis Vuitton, Williams was inspired by the ubiquitous sun as a source of vitality and reflected its impact in his collection through graphic rays, a vibrant color palette, and sparkling embellishments on both garments and accessories.

In this collection, Williams also created “Damoflage” as a tribute to his longtime friend, which combines the Maison’s iconic patterns with the designer’s personal fashion vocabulary. The digitized “Damoflage” motif celebrates Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire with an innovative vision.

The Louis Vuitton flagship store on 100 Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris showcases the collection in a captivating manner. The store’s facade has been transformed into a magnificent golden checkerboard, reminiscent of a radiant sunbeam. Embracing the “Résidence Ephémère” concept, which has been successfully implemented before, the brand invites visitors to indulge in an immersive experience. Spanning three levels, the store offers a plethora of animations, showcasing not only ready-to-wear pieces but also an extensive range of accessories crafted by Pharrell Williams. Additionally, visitors can explore an exquisite selection of perfumes and a new model of portable speaker.

In London, the brand has made a remarkable move by taking over the highly sought-after Selfridges space, known as The Corner Shop, until February 7. Within this space, Louis Vuitton has recreated the iconic Pont-Neuf using cubes that mimic a checkerboard pattern. Visitors are invited to explore the collection while images from the fashion show are displayed on screens. The selection includes garments with checkered camouflage prints, as well as tailored pieces, leather jackets, and retro sportswear.

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Furthermore, apart from Paris and London, the brand intends to organize temporary Pop-up spaces in Doosan, South Korea, and the Soho district of New York. This initiative is a significant component of the brand’s worldwide campaign, following the successful unveiling of its men’s pre-fall collection in Hong Kong last month. It marks the brand’s most extensive menswear event thus far.

Williams is set to unveil his upcoming collection for Louis Vuitton during Paris Fashion Week Men’s in January. Anticipation is mounting to see if Williams can sustain the success he achieved with his highly acclaimed debut.

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