Max Mara to Present “2025 Resort Collection” at Venice in June

Max Mara has announced that the runway show for its Resort 2025 collection will be held in Venice on June 11.

Ian Griffiths, the brand’s Creative Director, has tied the message of “Women Empowerment,” one of Max Mara’s brand philosophies, into the background of the collection by projecting the legacy of the land and its iconic female figures.

At a show held in Stockholm last year, Griffiths presented a collection inspired by Scandinavian culture, and the modernism of the resort wear was highly acclaimed. At the same time, the concept of women’s empowerment, such as “gender equality” and “women’s liberation,” which has long been rooted in the Scandinavian region, was found as a commonality with the brand philosophy and presented together with the essence of the heritage of Scandinavian folklore.

Also in 2022, the brand presented its 2023 Resort collection at the Calouste Gulbenkian Collection in Lisbon, Portugal, in the foundation’s modernist gardens. Inspired by Natalia Correia, the famous Portuguese freethinker, artistic grande dame, and Café Society star, Griffiths unveiled a sensual, feminist collection spectacularly.

Max Mara has hosted shows of its resort collections in iconic destinations around the world. In the past, it has broadened its cultural impact and global reach by holding sophisticated shows in surprising places, from Berlin’s Museum of Ancient History to Italy’s coolest new coastal hotel, the Mezzatorre in Ischia.

The next show at Venice must also be a novel and historically significant venue.

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