Proenza Schouler Spring 2024 Collection | Brand new monogram debuts

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On September 9, Proenza Schouler presented its Spring 2024 collection at the Park Avenue headquarters of auction house Phillips.

Talented designer duo Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez unveiled a new brand code, the Proenza Scourer monogram, in this season’s collection. The new monogram is an abstraction of the PS Infinity symbol, with the two P’s arranged upside down, making the whole look like an S in the alphabet. In fact, it took McCollough and Hernandez approximately 9,000 design iterations and three years to complete the monogram. The debut of the PS monogram thus created was made all the more remarkable by a special presentation Philips made at an online auction.

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Courtesy of Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler has always offered a wardrobe for the subtle and sophisticated woman. In particular, last season’s Fall 2023 collection produced a more sophisticated and understated style that leaned toward the “quiet luxury” favored by women living in the city.

The Spring 2024 collection continued these concepts from last season but with a more minimalist expression of lightness appropriate for spring.  The details were beautifully transparent layering, knitwear with back exposure, and intentional draping, which make our ordinary days more glamorous.

While many fashion brands sway to some novel approach with each collection, McCollough and Hernandez never break from the brand’s signature style. Rather than making major brand changes, they build on the stable, minimalist aesthetic of Proenza Schouler, refining it each season with more subtlety and sophistication. This continuity of style is the secret to the long-lasting support and love of many women.

Yet, it never ends with simplicity alone. There are always some impressive details incorporated into the clothes. For example, straight jeans with a bleached finish and a black leather coat with straps hanging down from the hem like a riding suit give a strong sense of individuality in the simplicity. Utility belts with waist pouches added practicality to these items. In addition, hand-woven mesh dresses and thin gauze separates embroidered with countless “shattered glass” pieces exuded the designer’s high craftsmanship and delicate artistry.

Echoing last season’s collection, but more “everyday chic,” Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2024 collection, along with the debut of the monogram, will be familiar as a guide to a more timeless fashion.

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