Month: December 2022


Mushroom leather changes the future of the leather market

The number of companies that are strengthening their sustainable efforts in order to protect the global environment is increasing year by year, and plant-derived “vegan leather” is more known as an environmentally friendly fabric material.
Vegan leather has less impact on the environment than natural leather and synthetic leather, so that is also considered an alternative material to leather for its animal welfare. Among them, It’s “mushroom leather” made from “mushroom” that is currently being adopted by many high-end brands.

Chanel Métiers d’Art

Chanel held its Métiers d’Art show in Dakar: Building long-term relationships with local artists and farmers

On December 6th, Chanel unveiled the 2022-23 Métiers d’Art collection in Dakar, Senegal’s West African capital.
This is the first time that European or US luxury fashion brands have staged a fashion show in sub-Saharan Africa. The venue for the show was the Senegalese capital’s former Palais de Justice (now home to its art Biennale).