What is the meaning behind Prada’s new beauty Instagram account?

New York City Pop-up: immerse into the world of Prada Paradoxe

Prada released a new fragrance, Prada Paradoxe, and held a pop-up event from August 26th to 28th, 2022 at Gansevoort Plaza, New York.

At the pop-up, the entire venue is in the shape of a triangle that symbolizes the brand’s logo and just like the Prada Paradox fragrance bottle. The photograph area was also available for people to take pictures with the huge logo of Prada.

Prada Paradoxe New York City Pop-Up. Image: Prada Beauty

Many bottles of Prada Paradox are placed in the venue so that people can actually experience the fragrance by holding it in their hands. In addition, there are few different interactive booths and an infinity room for people take photogenic pictures.

Media and influencers were invited on the first day to experience the new Prada Paradox world. Throughout these three days, visitors received samples of the new fragrance, and many people dressed in Prada fashion experienced the pop-up and took pictures.

Prada Beauty

Emma Watson directs the Prada Paradox campaign

Prada Paradox is a multifaceted expression of a white floral bouquet that features notes of neroli, amber, and musk. The message contained in this perfume is “Celebrating the multi-dimensionality of a woman impossible to frame.”

As the new face of Prada’s latest fragrance, Prada appointed an all-around star Emma Watson who is known as an actress, activist, and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

Prada Beauty

In the campaign, Emma Watson not only served as the face of Prada’s new fragrance but also took on the challenge of directing its short movie.

The brand said in a press release, “For her involvement in the Prada Paradoxe campaign, Emma Watson made a single request—to direct the film herself.”

Watson also announced on her Instagram that she has become an ambassador for Prada Beauty.

”When Prada asked me to be the face of their new fragrance campaign, I asked if I could direct it. Months later, and I’m able to share the results of the faith they shared in me, with all of you.” Watson posted on her Instagram. “I can’t wait to share this piece of my art, and hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. I could never have done this without my unbelievable team of collaborators. Thank you for your time, commitment, talent and passion. My directorial debut and Prada’s newest refillable fragrance, coming soon.” 


Emma Watson(@emmawatson)がシェアした投稿

In the short film, Watson celebrates what it means to live with paradoxes and embodies a dynamic woman who lives her imperfections just as she is.

Also, it would be a very important factor for her that a brand is serious about sustainablity. Prada Paradoxe is a refillable bottle, with a 100-mil refill available for $125.

 “Prada has always gone beyond traditional models and archetypes of conceived beauty and is famous for a femininity that challenges conventions. It’s a pleasure to create a campaign and represent a fragrance with such a profound philosophical concept and sustainability initiatives in a way that feels genuinely real and relevant.” Watson said.

What’s next with Prada?

Actually, Prada suddenly created an Instagram account for Prada Beauty on August 11th, 2022 and has been very active. A few days later, they announced their new fragrance, Prada Paradox, and Emma Watson as their new face for this campaign. The brand also updated information for Prada Paradoxe New York City Pop-up on Instagram stories and created their fragrance campaign filters.


Prada Beauty(@pradabeauty)がシェアした投稿

Over the past few years, luxury brands such as Hermès, Valentino, and Jimmy Choo have all launched makeup lines. This is because it is possible to reach customers who cannot afford expensive products such as handbags, but who can afford expensive cosmetics.

There is currently no word from Prada about launching skincare or makeup products. However, the intention of the launch of Prada Beauty’s social media channels this time may hint at the future release of makeup products from Prada.