Prada and Miu Miu Reign as The World’s Top Brands In Q4 2023

Prada has once again taken the title of the world’s top brand.

Prada and Miu Miu ranked first and second respectively in the latest Lyst Index, the world’s hottest brands and products in the fashion industry, for the fourth quarter of 2023 (October to December).

As a fashion technology company and premium shopping app, Lyst has gained immense popularity, with over 200 million people utilizing its services each year. It offers a seamless experience for users to explore, discover, and shop for items from a diverse range of brands and stores. The Lyst Index is formulated by considering the behavior of Lyst shoppers, which includes their searches both on and off the platform, product views, and sales. To gauge the popularity of brands and products, the formula also takes into account social media mentions, activity, and engagement statistics from around the world over three months.

Led by Miuccia Prada, this is the third time Prada has been ranked in first place, with a 41% increase in searches this season compared to the previous year. The list index described Prada as “complex, innovative, and intelligent,” and said that Prada’s thoughtful and cohesive collections are driving demand worldwide.

Prada’s sister brand, Miu Miu, also ranked first in the third quarter of 2023 and is now in second place. Confident creative aesthetics continue to shape the trend cycle, and Miu Miu’s kitten heels have brought a halo effect to the shoe category with this season’s cherry red trend.

Following Miu Miu was Loewe in third place and Bottega Veneta in fourth. Also in the top 10 were Moncler, Burberry, and Jacquemus, each moving up at least one spot this quarter. Saint Laurent held on to 6th place, Versace dropped two places to 7th, and Valentino was 10th.

A year after coming under fire over its holiday campaign, Balenciaga moved up two spots to 12th place. Kim Kardashian’s Skims jumped three places to 14th.

Also making its first appearance in the Top 20 is The Row, a creative led by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The Row, which represents “Quiet Luxury,” a trend that began last year, saw a 93% increase in searches. This was the result of the brand’s Margaux bag, which was the number one hottest fashion product in the fourth quarter, driving the brand’s rank.

Lyst Index’s ranking of the hottest brands for the fourth quarter of 2023 is as follows.

【The Lyst Index – Fashion’s Hottest Brands and Products Q4 2023】

1. Prada

2. Miu Miu

3. Loewe

4. Bottega Veneta

5. Moncler

6. Saint Laurent

7. Versace

8. Jacquemus

9. Burberry

10. Valentino

11. Gucci

12. Balenciaga

13. Diesel

14. Skims

15. Dior

16. Louis Vuitton

17. UGG

18. The Row

19. JWAnderson

20.  Fendi

In addition, the Lyst Index’s ranking of the most popular products for the fourth quarter of 2023 is as follows.

【The Lyst Index – Q4 2023 HOTTEST PRODUCTS】

Courtesy of The Lyst Index
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